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New opportunities in Smart Industry for your company

Move to 4.0 project is a European initiative supported by EIT Manufacturing.



The goal of the project is to lead the transformation of existing manufacturing SMEs in Europe by diversifying or renovating their businesses through innovative technology and business models.


During 2020 we will identify the core challenges and business opportunities to be addressed, defining the transformation roadmaps for 50 European companies and matching their needs with the capabilities from technological partners.


A European network, composed by 7 leading research institutions and industrial partners have conformed a consortium to provide their support and expertise.

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Participants will benefit from the best practices, capabilities and methodologies from leading institutions towards Europe to support their transformation and digitalization.
Open Innovation Network
Identify new opportunities together with European leading institutions

Technological disruption and globalization threat the competitiveness of the European manufacturing sector. Smart Industry brings new market opportunities, as well as it accelerates the obsolescence cycles of mature businesses.

You are not alone to face this challenge, Move to 4.0 emerges as an effective way of innovation and co-creation.


Our Open Innovation Network, composed by leading research institutions in Europe and supported by the EIT Manufacturing, provides companies with the expertise and the capabilities to accelerate the transformation and diversification of their businesses. The Move to 4.0’s ecosystem helps companies to take advantage of new market opportunities.

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