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Aerospace Valley (French)

To join our workshops and apply for an individualized assessment, companies are required to fulfill the following form to understand your needs towards Industry 4.0.

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What are the main problems/challenges that your company is facing? *
(explore different perspectives, e.g. customer perspective, production perspective, infrastructure perspective, skill perspective, value chain perspective, business perspective)

What barriers do you foresee when implementing Industry 4.0 at your company? *

Is the company management consciously making an effort towards Industry 4.0? *

How would you describe your ideal company empowered by Industry 4.0? *

How can Industry 4.0 benefit your customers and other stakeholders in your network? *

In which of the Industry 4.0 technologies would you invest first? Select a maximum of 3 (Hold down the CTRL key to select multiple) *

What is the priority that your company seeks to address through Industry 4.0 technology? *

What objectives is the company aiming at through Industry 4.0? *
Please provide the 5 most relevant objectives by giving from 1 to 5 points to 5 of the objectives listed bellow.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Quality issues
Zero defect Manufacturing
Total Traceability
Forecasting Accuracy
Efficiency issues          
Set up time of Machines Reduction
Cost for Inventory Holdings
Increase Operational Efficiency
Productivity Increase
Energy Reduction
Time-to-market issues          
Zero Supply chain Interruptions
Zero Downtime
Time to market Reduction
New offering          
Improved products & services
New products & services complementing core business
New products & services diversifying current offering
Support customisation
Smartisation (intelligent products)

Please provide an explanation on the objective selection (justification, relationship with faced challenges, etc.) *

What do you expect from this workshop? Please describe a precise outcome from this Workshop *

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